What is the Future of Travel and Tourism for Hotels/Resorts?

What is the Future of Travel and Tourism for Hotels/Resorts?

Many resorts, hotels and tourist destinations are looking for the next BIG thing.  One of the biggest I believe is live streaming of the actual views of the destination to share live with audiences from all over the world.


What is live streaming? Many of are hearing about this concept with Meerkat and Periscope, even Facebook and Youtube are getting into this industry. This is mostly for people one to one broadcast to many, The live streaming for tourism and hotels/resorts are a bit different. What live streaming for properties is the actual view from the location using streaming  cameras that will feed the stream to a main website or be able to stream the actual views through multiple locations or websites including but not limited to the properties website(s). This is not a camera view that shows the beautiful scenery that needs to refresh every 8 seconds, but a clear HD (High Definitiion) view like a guest is actually there in person, even if they are thousands of miles away, it is more like looking out of window to discover the world from a different lense.


Hotels and resorts will spend a tens of thousands on their websites, marketing materials, photographs, video to be able to capture the emotion of the traveler so that the enticement will bring in more guests for their property. Not only the expense of the actual material being used to promote but the hundreds of hours that staff get paid to be able to produce these materials or a 3rd party that needs to get involved.


A hotel, resort or even B&B that boasts 90% or higher may not need or want to bring in new guests as they are close to capacity at 100%. However if the location has less then 70% occupancy rates on a daily basis then they have more issues then they may even realize, The biggest challenge is to place “heads in beds”.


The Emotion that is created of having fun, relaxing, taking a break from the hectic  life most of us live with daily can be achieved using these traditional methods. Emotions that are realized by a guest viewing these live video views find themselves there by the power of them clicking and seeing it live as it happens in real time. Either the guest has been there before, so memories of that trip are flooding into their minds as they remember that trip and how much fun they had sometimes years ago. The other reaction happens to new guests who had no idea that such a great view was available to them so they seek it out and want to actually book time to be able to be there in person.


How much does it really cost to create this content for the guests to view?  Does the business actually track the cost per guest? What about if they are catering to the international traveller? How much does that cost to get 1,000 or more views to a website to show what makes the property something of value for the future guests?


Most people who do travel for leisure expecially from across the pond or ocean, (Europe) have a good annual income. Travelers from Europe are looking to go to the USA for the next 3 years the % of people is going to rise. By 2018 arrivals from Europe are projected to be 14.8 million, or 15 percent higher than the 2013 volume. The largest growth from Europe will come from the U.K.(+611,000),Germany (+220,000), and France(206,000).These growth forecasts reflect low growth rates based on large traveler volume bases. For perspective, Western Europe countries are expected to produce 1.6 million additional travelers in 2018 versus 2013 compared to just 360,000 additional travelers from Eastern Europe countries.



We find that they are some of the most influential people in the society and have seen on average that they make 100k per annum. With that amount of regular income coming into their household budgets they look for destinations that are further away then where they live currently. They are willing to spend money in and near the location of where they are planning to stay for a week or more  Some families even extend their vacation or holiday with others in their family so it is possible and highly likely they will have more then 10 or 20 people traveling with them, which of course boosts the revenue of many hotels and resorts but brings dollars into the local economy as they do spend more when  they are on vacation as many have budgeted for this. Souvenirs are one of the top gifts they want to bring back. This of course helps tourism in the area where they commit to go for a holiday or vacation with loved ones.


In research on average depending on how they advertise their business online. I have found it takes minimum of $2.00 per view. Does not seem a lot but it is. Add up that with 1,000 potential guests and you will realize that is close to $2,000 for that amount of views, that is not taking into account the smaller percentage that actually clicks to the website and even smaller that book rooms.


We have tracked that it normally takes six months of planning that is done before a trip is taken, we have seen this develop through registered visitors to the site. They search out the view and then ask questions about the area. We have other registered membe r s if you will that will chat with them and encourage them to go. Months later we see comments from the guest at the time the are visiting the location or after how much they loved being there and many are sad they have to go or left already.


When a new camera is installed and working in a new location, the view will receive between 1,000 to 5,000 VIEWS from people around the world daily. If the camera view is outstanding that number is a lot more daily. Plus we find when people like a view they normally share it multiple social media they are  connected to, the number of views that show on each camera page is actual people or IP addresses viewing that location. Many cameras will see between 50 to 100 views of people watching g live concurrently through out the entire day, We also show the number of views wever since the camera was placed and some cameras will be in the millions after 1 year.


What if you could find a better way for less? What if you could find something that will bring on average between 1,000 to 5,000 views per day? Would that be a better way to invest in 2016?  What if you can embed the live view of your property that shows activty of people actually having fun at the beach, near the event area where weddings are and even be inside your website to be able to show more to a potential guest world wide. What would happen if people who search for a destination choose your property were earning on average $100k per year? Would that be a good investment? What if you would only need to do this one time, never having to pay staff to continually create programs for you to bring in more guests or even bring in guests who have been with you before? How much would that be

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