Do you think PPC (Pay Per Click) is a good option?

Do you think PPC (Pay Per Click) is a good option?

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PPC Good?
What results can you expect?

I know some people when they read this post are going to be upset with me about writing about this touchy and sometimes misunderstood concept, but I really need to get this out in the open. Maybe it is a little bit controversial with people who are in the advertising industry and who manage accounts with PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns and such.
A New Thought Process:

I am no expert at this and I do not claim to be. Yesterday I was thinking of my approach to Hotels, Resorts and Vacation or Travel destinations and It dawned on me that I have been looking at it from the wrong perspective. I have always spoke about if a location has a beautiful view these HD Live Stream cameras would be a huge boost for them. But what I found out was it was not connecting with many owners and C level executives due to the fact they know they have a good location, or they would have not built there in the first place or purchased the resort / hotel or destination they have.

Yes, We do create ROI (Return On Investment) on what we do for our 300+ clients that we serve within a relatively short period of time but there is a better way to “tell the story” on purely a mathematical model.

Just to set the record straight, I am not a math genius , just ask my wife, so these math illustrations are easy to understand even for a 4th grader. It is just an example of what a scenario could be as I did my research into this subject.

One thing I know is that hotels, resorts and other locations spend more than they need to on advertising both online and offline to be able to create new and returning guests for their location. I do know that most of them will spend between $2,000 + per month to get some results and that is being ultra conservative.

Simple Math:calculator-100364_1280

I am only touching on PPC (Pay Per Click) using a pure example, this is not taking into consideration all the other marketing avenues a hotel/resort can put into their advertising budgets, excluding any offline methods as well. This is just to show the costs online using this method.

If a hotel / resort wants to be seen on Google, front page there is a lot more work with an SEO expert then just placing an ad online. However if they look at what a potential guest who is looking for a place to stay while on vacation or holiday may enter keywords into Google search it might look like this.

Try this on your own : Search Google

“Accommodations in St. Paul” Please try this with your town or destination city to find out what results will be gained and you will see which places are on the top page, which is great if it is your place instead of your competitors that have a larger budget, but more than likely you will not be on the first page, you maybe further down the totem pole than you realize.

A typical ad in order to get these results will be on a PPC example at $5.00 per click. Now on the surface that does not sound like a budget killer, but it sure can add up in a hurry if a lot of people click on your ad.

What is the real cost?:

Lets say for example, we take our numbers, I will explain in detail below what these numbers mean and where they come from. What if the ad could generate 30,000 to 150,000 views monthly. We can look that out of that are served, not necessarily seen by visitors 10% will click. I know that might be high or low, but this is just an example of the cost that will incur if that scenario takes place.

30,000 views with 10% CTR (Click thru Rate)is( 3,000 X $5.00) = $15,0000 dollars cost and that is sending them I hope to a CTA (Call to Action )page not just the front page of a website. If it gets 150,000 views with 10% CTR that is a whopping (15,000 x $5.00) =$75,000 dollars ad spend.

Blocked Ads

There is also another factor that comes into play and that is the fact that many mobile devices and computers are now allowing users to download software to not even look at ads, it is called ad blocking software and it upsetting many in the industry and brands who are paying money to be able to influence the user.

Bottom Line:

What is a possible solution? Well as an example our HD live stream webcams will bring in between 1,000 to 5,000 visits from travelers looking for other vacation destinations daily. YES, that is not a typo, not monthly but daily thus the number example above makes more sense now, doesn’t it? Many of the visits according to an SEO expert that looked at our numbers make annual incomes of over $100,000 year. Is this the demographic or individual that you want to stay at your location?

Currently The cost is way less , with an affordable one time charge, lifetime Warranty, with a small bandwidth monthly hosting fee. When it generates traffic clicks and of course bookings it will save a bunch of cash flow due to this and you can pocket the savings. We can also explore how to get more cameras near your location and not just at your property to create even more visits.

A Rising tide, lifts all boats:

The more HD (High Definition) live streaming cameras that go up in a certain area, the more people from you local market will view the cameras and of course view your property and book their next vacation or escape at your location instead of a competitor down the road. In addition depending on the hosting level you want (I recommend Enterprise) you will get an embed widget to place in your Facebook page, your website and you will be the host of the camera on the main site with a click-able link to your CTA. Everything on site that is clicked is tracked and the detailed real-time stats will show where the best place to concentrate your marketing efforts on next.

Our site currently achieves on average 14 million visits monthly to all the cameras, which since last year has increased almost 300%. Do not wait till we come to our senses and charge as much as advertising by PPC campaign costs, take advantage of our model today. Watch this short video to show where some of our cameras are located at. 300 satisfied clients are first in the marketplace. What will that do for them in the next five years? I would not wait too long to find out.

More information, please visit the site to learn more and discover if this is the solution you are looking for.

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