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Facebook CPC! Could it save you $ and time?

Facebook CPC! Could it save you $ and time?

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With over 1 billion people who are active on this platform why would you not want to advertise on it. Everyone of the social media experts I have spoken to in way shape or form have stated this and who would not want to go to an ocean full of potential clients instead of in a small kiddie pool.

Well, first off I believe that Facebook ads for hotels, resorts and other vacations destinations are not a good buy based on what research I did. However you can make your own conclusions by doing the steps I did and see if it states differently.

As I did my last post we found out that PPC with Google was very expensive to get not only views using a particular keyword but also clicks on that ad.

I am finding the same with Facebook. I have heard many times that if you want to spend only $5.00 a day on Facebook you can. Well, that depends on how broad your target market is. I know most people in business will spend money online if it is highly targeted and not just thrown out there to get traffic by whatever means necessary.

Here is what I did.

Placing myself in my clients shoes, I looked at one particular area that If I was a resort wanted to advertise to here is the demographic information I placed in the audience portion of the form. I selected Minnesota as it is still cold in March and Spring Break is right around the corner along with Easter so that would be a good campaign.

After placing my website address in, it asks a series of questions and if I want a pixel I can choose that as well, recommended.

Everyone in this location

Age 18 to 65
Male or female
English as language choice

I even did a more specific demographic of undergrads.

You will notice the speed gear move from broad to more specific or more targeted then just blanket coverage for the USA


Campaign Spring Break Ads Manager 3

As soon as I do this the gear moves to the middle and states that my audience is defined, it will show to a potential audience of 140,000 people.

Then I can leave as it is or I can define it even more.

So with this information, I found that the resort or hotel would be spending only $300 for that campaign. Not bad, but is it going to bring in the business? What about the next month, and the month after that?

I figured that a hotel,resorts and travel destination will need to keep creating campaigns to bring in new business all the time. In addition they need to hire someone and pay them to do these campaigns as well.

But just looking at the hard cost for one year it will cost minimum $3,600 in Advertising cost for the year. Again, for a location that should be a simple cost to pay for, but how many bookings is necessary to not only bring in that amount but to get ROI (Return on Investment).

What I also discovered is that when you have ads running, you have to manage them. It needs to be updated on a regular basis or that ad will not get the exposure that it should. There is no such thing if you want results on Facebook about setting it up and forgetting about it.

What do you think? Has this worked for your business? How much did you have to spend in order to get ROI. What if you are in the Hospitality Business and want highly targeted traffic for less?


I may have an option or two that not only can save you money, but also create revenue for years to come. Contact me soon and we can discuss some custom idea for your location. Lets drive qualified traffic to your business today and increase your occupancy rates.

Watch for my next post about why 65% average occupancy rate is good, but what if it could be even better. How much new revenue would you be able to create if it can increase by only 10%. The numbers may surprise you, they sure did for me.

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