How does my location qualify?

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We are looking for beautiful locations around the world that have a lot of activity in front of the views, these locations do best.

If interested In having a camera or two, we would need the following emailed to us.

  • Name of business
  • Website URL
  • Pictures or video of where you want the camera to be placed
  • Pictures or video of what the camera will see, good to get the right height not just from the ground if possible.
  1. The location must have enough speed 400 kbps upload and be at least 20 feet In the air so it will not recognize any faces for privacy concerns.
  2. Contact name, title, email and phone number of the main decision maker.

Once we receive this Information, we will then contact this person for acceptance and the steps needed to order the camera. If the location does not qualify we will send an email with possible other locations or not be able to accept.

Please allow 48 hours for a response back and 3 to 5  business days for an answer.

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