Partner program episode 1
Starts Monday 8:30 AM / PST  11:30 AM/ EST

10:30 AM CST. Every Monday we have a show about travel and Tourism, Please watch here or watch live so we can answer any questions after the show, Show will last 1/2 hour but we will stick around for another 1/2 hour or so.

Missed Blabs? Recorded Ones are Available Here


Please connect with

Preston on Blab  /  Walter on Blab

To get into the conversation live, you just need to go to this LIVE LINK and then sign up with a twitter account and automatically you will be forwarded to this live conversation. Hope you join us today.

However you can just watch below and comment without actually coming into the room if you prefer to be a guest, you are still welcome.

Episode #13- Lets Talk about being one of our #travelscouts . 3 EZ steps