These are the recorded Blabs we have done.

You can not interact with anything here like a live one, but you will be able to watch and if you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for clarification.

If you feel you would like to be a guest on our upcomming blabs and can relate the message to the Hospitality Industry, we would like to know more, please email us what you would like to speak about.

Our shows are 1/2 hour in length recorded then we break for a Q & A where we answer questions live and even invite people into the live discussion. This is where a lot of a great information can come out so we suggest that you attend the Live show if at all possible.

Show #1 – Truth of engagement

Show #2 _ What is the partnership about?

Show #3 – What are tourist cameras ?

Show #4 – Tourist statistics, where are people heading in the next few years.

Show #5 – Video is this important?

Show #6 – Live Content Creation

Show #7- Does PPC work for Hotels, Resorts and Vacation Destinations?

Facebook CPC! Could it save you $ and time?
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Facebook With over 1 billion people who are active on this platform why would you not want to advertise on it. Everyone of the social media experts I have spoken to in way shape or form have stated this and … Read More

Submision Complete
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    Thanks for taking the time to fill in the information we have requested. We will review the locations within 14 working days or sooner and will email you back if it was approved. Thanks for helping us to … Read More

Is Your Resort /Hotel Losing $100K Per Week In Revenue?
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OCCUPANCY RATES For many C-level suite executives in the hotel and resort business they are constantly looking at how to improve this number. However in doing so if they are attempting to lower their rates to do this, it is … Read More

Do you think PPC (Pay Per Click) is a good option?
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Originally Published on Linked In Pulse I know some people when they read this post are going to be upset with me about writing about this touchy and sometimes misunderstood concept, but I really need to get this out in … Read More

Want to Go to the Caribbean?
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Roatan island I believe is the most beautiful island¬†in the world. It does not have all the commercialization like other islands have. It is located on the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world and diving if you happen to … Read More

What is the Future of Travel and Tourism for Hotels/Resorts?
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Many resorts, hotels and tourist destinations are looking for the next BIG thing.¬† One of the biggest I believe is live streaming of the actual views of the destination to share live with audiences from all over the world. LIVE … Read More