Why be a travel scout? 


We recently created a program that not only helps us, not only helps the resort, hotel or travel destination get global visits and new revenue, but we also help the people who love to travel and have a passion to share what they experience by helping us Scout out locations world-wide that we can possibly work with.


verb \ˈskau̇t\

Definition of

  1. transitive verb
  2. 1:  to observe in order to obtain information or evaluate

  3. 2:  to explore in order to obtain information

  4. 3:  to find by making a search


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Travel scouts are fun. They get to explore new destinations or locations they are already familiar with, they scout out new locations, take pictures, videos. Do a speed test and then send us the contact info. We do all the follow-up and they get rewarded if we place a camera in that location. Either a monthly residual check or a flat fee.


Here are some Current Travel Scouts we currently work with.

Giselle R
Travel Scout -Utila Honduras
I am now interning and helping people with their teeth as a dentist here in Utila Honduras. I live in paradise so becoming a travel scout with was a simple decision. I will be helping to get some new camera locations on this small but beautiful island. Maybe we will even get an underwater camera here.
Matt McLeod
Travel Scout Australia
Seven years ago I gave away my career as a Mechanical Engineer away to follow the dream of sharing the Australian landscape with the world. I now host the AusBackpacking Podcast and have spent the last 7 years traveling Australia and working in the backpacking industry. I love the fact that I now have yet another way to showcase Australia via Skyline HD Webcams. Please contact me if you are in Australia or New Zealand and want to know more
Bryan Perez
Travel Scout - Mainland Honduras
I saw this program and immediately took action. It is so simple to do. Just take picture or video of a beautiful location, test out their upload internet speeds and submit along with contact information. I am getting paid , even when I sleep and that is a great feeling. No out of pocket money needed to join the program and it is not a MLM or affiliate type program.




Danti R- Real Estate Broker who lives in Reunion Florida, will be finding locations in and around Orlando. Good friend of mine and will have a camera showing hot air balloons from 6 to 9 Am EST daily. Expect to see 2 to 20 balloons.

John C – Semi Retired business owner from South Carolina, looking for locations In Myrtle Beach area.

EVAN T. Retired Business Owner (UK,France,Portugal,Turkey). He is also a co-op partner as he is working with many tourism boards as well.

WALTER S. Retired Military. (Puerto Rico). He is a business co-op partner and is with me on Live on Blab every Monday

IAN (Australia) He is my strategist co-op partner who is locating special niches for our locations.

ALEX Y (New York, USA) tech blogger and journalist for some of the top websites in the world. He will from time to time scout for sponsors and larger travel brands for our Sponsorship program. He just recently found me a good one, we will see if they will come on board.

MICHAEL G. (Raleigh, NC) a director of Natural museum scouting city scape, river areas and railroad locations

DENNIS R ( England) retired, work in the industry, has some great locations he will be calling on

DAN H (California-USA) professional podcaster. Will be bringing me on his shows and will do some live Google Hangouts or Blabs as well.

Want to be a Travel Scout as well? GO  for more detailed information  that will be emailed to you.