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The feast of Saint Patrick finds its origins in the rich cultural history of Ireland. This official Christian feast day is celebrated on the 17th of March and marks the death date of St. Patrick. This holiday is now celebrated in many countries by millions of people from all over the world and the ways in which it is celebrated has become as diverse as the people who celebrate the holiday.

What are some of the most exciting places to explore the best of St. Patrick’s Day? Here are 3 places where you must visit to truly enjoy the celebrations!

Dublin, Ireland

If you are an Irish-at-heart, Dublin is the place to witness the best of St. Patrick’s Day. Ireland is the very place of origin of the holiday with the Catholic Church observing the day as an official feast day beginning in the early 17th century. Since then, over the centuries, Irish immigrants and travellers have carried the customs to places all over the world. Whether you are the type who likes parades and dance or food and drinks, Dublin is the place to be at! As a photographer, here you will find rich cultural heritage that blends perfectly with the modern ways of life.

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Walk in the footsteps of St. Patrick with famous tour guides in the streets of Dublin and find out what makes the feast great. The guided walk (March 16-20) with renowned historian Pat Liddy is something to look forward to, especially for travel photographers and enthusiasts.

Do keep in mind that this time of the year, every place is packed with visitors. Make sure you have it all planned in advance – way in advance! If you want to enjoy to your fill, planning for at least 5 days beginning from the 16th of March is recommended.

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On St. Patrick’s Day around the world, you may see green stripes running down the road or green flags. Maybe someone dyed their pool green or painted their face green. But how about painting the entire river green? Sounds crazy? Chicago has been dyeing the Chicago River green every year since 1962! This is usually done a couple of days before the St. Patrick’s feast and around 10:00 AM local time. However, you have to be there a long time before it actually starts and draws in the huge crowd. If you are planning on capturing some awesome pictures, it is a good idea to scout around a day before they turn the river green and reach the best spots to shoot very early in the morning.

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Have you ever wondered what is used to dye the river green? Find out for yourself!

The Chicago St. Patrick’s Day parade is yet another event to look forward to. A blur of green and happiness with people dressed in all kinds of traditional costumes is the best way ever to enjoy the celebrations.
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New York City

200,000 people participating in a parade with over 2,000,000 spectators cheering!
Yes, this can only happen in New York. Why does it happen only in NYC? Because the city was the location of first St. Patrick’s Day parade back in 1762 and has now grown up to be the largest such parade in the world. The very astonishing magnitude of this event itself is a reason to put NYC amongst the top places to visit if you are an Irish at heart.

Do you wonder how it all started? The root of the celebrations here can be traced back to the days when the British ruled and there were Irish immigrants moving into the US in the 1700s.

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In NYC you might want to consider leaving the face paint, the leprechaun and the green hats behind and joining the celebrations with traditional Irish meals and celebrating with by singing along with the crowd.

Apart from the street celebrations, there are some places you should definitely visit if you are visiting NYC this March – especially St. Patrick’s Cathedral to experience the true spirit of the celebrations and the pubs and music clubs if you like the fun part of things more.

For those passionate about stepping into the shoes of the Irish immigrants who started the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in NYC, there are Irish breakfasts and clothes available at all the popular outlets. Don’t forget the green beer!

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