Being in Travel industry guests are the number one priority. So with that said, this section will be a collection of different places for a guest to go to discover more. We will, as time allows, post travel chats that we frequent on twitter, guest posts about travel, guest posts on other social media. We may only focus on destinations to America but may have some surprises along the way,

We hope you like this section of the website and we hope you will contribute as well. The travel world is a huge industry that boasts over 8 trillion dollars of revenue per year. So to be able to cover one section of tourism, that is still a big piece of the pie.

One good thing is we are now working collaboratively with people from around the globe that have a passion for travel as well. We hope to feature them here, along with links to their websites and resources. We have formed collaborative business partners with the flowing locations.



Puerto Rico

Always looking to collaborate with others and we are building a website that will do this. Coming soon  in 2016. Live link will be available here.

Will this site only be travel related? It may, but will have other Interesting information about resorts, hotels, cruises and so much more. We even are planning to give away a camera to qualified clients. Watch for this section as I believe it will be very popular. Imagine getting a free (HD-High Definition) webcam for a vacation destination worth minimum $2000 plus.

You can follow Preston on other social media to get the latest Information and news. Just Google me and follow where you frequent the most. My social sites will appear on this site soon.

TRAVEL FOR SAINT PATRICK’s DAY some great ideas from a guest blogger , when you are there help me by locating some awesome locations so we maybe able to cover the parades or activities next year, many people around the world will appreciate it. BELIEVE ME.